North Lakeport CA Residential & Commercial Water Treatments

Did your water pump break? Want to have your well water tested? Call today for one of our professional technicians at 707-263-4486.

Water Filtration & Purification Equipment

Need new water filtration & purification equipment? Dunken Pumps has everything you need for your new equipment at the price you can afford, to get you cleaner tasting water. 

Water TreatmentWe offer sales and service on any water filtration and purification. We want you to have the best tasting water you can. Call today at 707-263-4486, to see what we can offer you.

Water Pump Repair and Installation

Water pump stop working? Time for a new one? Dunken Pumps can repair and install a water pump, with one of our experienced technicians to answer all of your questions. Call today at 707-263-4486 to get your water pump up and running.

Residential & Commercial Water Treatments

Treating water means getting rid of Chemicals that are bad for your health or make the water taste bad. Each state has a standard of what extent they can treat tap water too but once it leaves the plant, the pipes your water travels through and for how long will affect your water's taste. Call today to see what we can do for water treatment for your home or office.

Residential & Commercial Irrigation

Water tankWhen your water is not draining properly it can cause all sorts of issues. Both a residential & commercial problem could be that the grass is not growing or it is starting to come back into the structure. Call Dunken Pumps for one of our technicians to come out and diagnose the issue. 

Well Tests

If you have a well it is more common for the water to become undrinkable. Let us come out and test your well water today to make sure everyone in the house is safe drinking it. We would be happy to treat the water while we are there. 

Water Treatment & Conditioning

Water Conditioning is another process of removing impurities out of the water. The benefits of water conditioning are: reduction of scaling, reduction of impurities that affect taste and odor, improving water quality, reduction of operating costs. Call today to inquire about water treatment & conditioning.

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